SUMMIT and Primitiv: Elevating the Cannabis Experience in Southwest Michigan

In the heart of Southwest Michigan, a partnership has blossomed, merging the expertise of Wheelhouse Cannabis Co. and its signature brand, SUMMIT, with Primitiv Group to bring premium cannabis experiences to the greater Niles community.  

Locally owned and operated, Wheelhouse offers premium cannabis and extracts through a branding partnership with SUMMIT, one of Colorado’s most beloved brands.

Wheelhouse CEO Chase Horsburgh built a state-of-the-art facility in De Tour Village on the eastern shore of Lake Huron in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and with a growing team of 25 employees, Wheelhouse is proud to offer job opportunities to the small Eastern UP community. The team appreciates the opportunity to provide its products to a growing number of cannabis enthusiasts throughout Michigan.

At the core of Wheelhouse Cannabis Co. is SUMMIT, a product produced by a team with an unwavering passion for cultivating and extracting premium cannabis products. The mission transcends the ordinary – it’s about helping individuals find their perfect product, a journey guided by a team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in engineering, bio-sciences, and operations.  

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of legislation, technology, and market dynamics, SUMMIT provides its consumers with a product that mirrors the values held by Primitiv including community, equality, and teamwork.  These unifying principles form the bedrock of their collaboration and mission in providing their customers with 


What sets SUMMIT apart is their commitment to purity.  All products, be it flower, vapes, or concentrates, are derived solely from Wheelhouse’s premium cannabis flower – a testament to the dedication to delivering an unadulterated and authentic single source experience. No flavorings or additives are used, ensuring that every product reflects the essence of the carefully cultivated plants.


SUMMIT’s strain selection is a testament to their commitment to diversity and exploration. With a core lineup of 8-10 robust, classic house strains, they continue to evolve by consistently testing and introducing new genetics. Collaborating with Cambium Analytica for rigorous R&D testing, they delve into specifics such as moisture content, sensory and aroma analysis, potency, and terpenes – ensuring each strain is cultivated with care.  From springy Sativas like Chiesel and Tropicana Banana to soothing Indicas like Gelato Cake and Snowball, the strain highlights cater to a wide spectrum of preferences, offering bountiful options for every consumer.


To learn more about Wheelhouse Cannabis Co. and SUMMIT visit   Join the conversation on social media at @summit.michigan and @wheelhousecannaco and shop for SUMMIT at Primitiv Niles, located at 1286 S 11th St, Niles, MI 49120 or order ahead