Exploring the Knowledge, Opinions, and Perspectives of Elite Contact Sport Athletes and Their Medical Staff Regarding Cannabis Use

Primitiv is proud to be collaborating with Elizabeth Thompson (MSc., BSc.), who is currently a PhD student looking to gather data as part of our larger NFL funded project titled Naturally produced cannabinoids for pain management and neuroprotection from concussion during participation in contact sport.

The clinical trial research team is hard at work gathering physiological outcome measurements with cannabinoid therapy such as clinical, neurophysiological, biochemical, biopsychological, perceptual-cognitive, and functional motor performance. Elizabeth is also gathering data specific to the knowledge, opinions, and perspectives of elite contact sport athletes (current and retired) and their medical training staff regarding cannabinoid therapy. objective is to obtain a better understanding of professional contact sport athletes and their medical training staff regarding Cannabis use to affect change that improves athlete care and their long term health projections.


She would like to offer a unique opportunity for players and staff to safely share their perspectives, personal experiences and thoughts about cannabinoid therapy without the fear of punishment, stigma, or public reaction. She has created two surveys for this demographic that are completely anonymous, and results will be aggregated. These surveys have been approved by the research ethics board of the University of Saskatchewan and should only take around 10 minutes to complete. There is also a survey for licenced medical training staff either working directly for a professional team or independently with professional athletes.

Those looking to participate can read further below, thanks for your ongoing support!